Wednesday, September 2, 2009

DiGi RM1 vs. DiGi Prepaid I Like

Comparison of DiGi RM1 vs. DiGi Prepaid I Like

In general, DiGi "Prepaid I Like" is in 3 modules (for me, Super Long Life is not included bcoz it is more alike a sub-module which applies to the 3 main modules).
The charges is:-
36 sen/min calls (in 30 seconds block)
10 sen/SMS
25 sen/MMS

The main different are:-
Super FnF - 15 sen/min to 15 FnF numbers (11x DiGi, 4 non DiGi), 1 sen/SMS to 11 DiGi, 10 sen/SMS fot 4x non-DiGi FnF and Others (DiGi but not in FnF list, and Non-DiGi numbers)

Super SMS - FREE SMS (only DiGi-DiGi) after daily SMS usage of 50 sen; 10 sen/SMS to all networks (DiGi but not in FnF list, and Non-DiGi numbers).

Super Talk - FREE Calls & SMS (DiGi-DiGi) if you use more than RM200/month; OR, call rate at 25 sen/min if you use more than RM100/month.

Super Long Life - pay RM30 for 1 year active line (apply to Super FnF, Super SMS or Super Talk).

DiGi Prepaid RM1* is replacing "Prepaid I Like" on July 2009. The source of idea must be taken from 1Malaysia. Hence, onward all new subcribers no more option for "Prepaid I Like". For those already changed from "Prepaid I Like" to to "DiGi Prepaid RM1", there is no option to 'undo'.

DiGi Prepaid RM1 looks like combination of Super SMS, Super Talk & Super Long Life in "Prepaid I Like":-
a. Rate:-
36 sen/min for calls (in 30 seconds block)
10 sen/SMS
25 sen/MMS

b. FnF - 11 DiGi + 4 Non-DiGi

c. once daily SMS usage is hit RM1, the following call rate is RM0.12/min & SMS DiGi-DiGI is 1sen/min, SMS to others Networks are 10sen/min.
d. remains of Super Long Life (One Year Validity) at RM30.

For those youngster who daily SMS (DiGi-DiGi) a lot, 11 DiGi FnF not enuf to them, Super SMS is better package (better keep it).

For Super FnF, changed to "DiGi Prepaid RM1" is better option because the call rate will be cheaper at 12sen/min once you hit RM1 of SMS usuage (cheaper than Postpaid which is 13sen/min).

*The new plan is named "DiGi Prepaid", but I intentionally called it as "DiGi Prepaid RM1" due to DiGi's 1st Prepaid Plan is also called DiGi Prepaid, then followed by DiGi Prepaid Plus, Horizon, Horizon Optimum, Beyond, Fuyoh!, etc.

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