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The Beautiful of DiGi Friend Finder (FF)

The Beautiful of DiGi Friend Finder (FF)
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2007 11:39:32 +0800

How to enable?
For the first time, message "FF Find 016XXXXXXX" to 2000 --> 016XXXXXXX is the number you want to trace.
The owner of 016XXXXXX must reply "FF OK 016YYYYYYY" to 2000 --> 016YYYYYY your number (you want to trace 016XXXXXXX).
Once 016XXXXXXX agreed thru sms, you can start tracing 016XXXXXX (without his/her knowledge)

How to apply?
Message "FF Find 016XXXXXXX" to 2000 --> you'll recv a message stated the location of 016XXXXXXX.

How DiGi charge for FF?
The SMS will be charged at RM0.15, upon sucessfull traced of the number location, RM0.30.
RM0.15 + RM0.30 = RM0.45.
The Bug : Sometime the system will tell you the location twice, so will be charged twice......

The Real Stories
1. "Quietly" enabled FF to trace my niece, when she go for tuition, I can confirm the 'truth' of her actual location. :P
2. My mum went back to her hometown with bus express, I rang her handphone, no answer (maklum-lar... orang tua... tak dengar), so I just "traced" her all the way she reached her hometwon.
3. My mum lost her handbag, she suspect may be the handbag was wrongly put inside her brother's car & was already drove far away. The handphone is in the handbag, so I traced and found the handphone is still within my mum's house area. Finally, my mum found her handbag inside her car.

How to fully utilise FF?
1. Sayang your car??? Takut kena curi???!!! A car GPS system may cost you few hundred to few thousand, or more.
Get a cheap used handphone, or a new one (those kind with long lasting battery standby hours) with a DiGi Prepaid SIM inside (FF enabled), every week fully charge the handphone once, every 90day TalkTime Transfer RM3 to keep the SIM number alive. Hide the handphone in a secure place of the car.
Cheap used handphone was below RM100-150, RM8.50 for new DiGi SIM Pack, Tracing RM0.45 each time. THATS ALL.
or, just do it when you are overnight outstation (in the hotel or tumpang rumah kawan). With the "DiGi GPS".... haha..... even midnight you no need go to car park to inspect your car.... jz a sms will tell you either your car is still at same location....
(Remark: a real case happened at Cheras, KL, 2008, a guy managed to get back his stolen car thru DiGi FF)

2. Trace your hubby who always come back late??? --> no comment & no instruction, DIY... haha.....

11.39am 20070313
Remarks: Friend Finder is apply to DiGi & Maxis, except Celcom, UMobile & XOX.


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  2. Hey, my dad is tracing me now all the time. I wanna know how i can change my location and let my dad see that i'm still in the particular place when I'm actually somewhere else?

  3. FF is not accurate at all, don't worry

  4. digi friend finder is not accurate at all. how can digi provide such an incompetent system to the user and even charge it? if u cant compete with others, please dont deceive digi users who have paid but receive rubbish.

  5. Digi FF finder is the world most STUPID service! End of story. Thank you!

  6. My phone lost and off is my company number how to I detecty number

  7. My phone lost and off is my company number how to I detecty number

  8. Macam mana nak deactive kan nak cancel number fon

  9. Macam mana nak deactive kan nak cancel number fon