Sunday, August 30, 2009

Super LongLife

DiGi Prepaid: Super LongLife – misleading by DiGi Operator

After launched of DiGi Prepaid RM1 on July 2009, many of users (included DiGi operators) thought Super LongLife still apply to DiGi “Prepaid I Like” (Super FnF, Super SMS, Super Talk & Super LongLife),in fact no more.

If you call DiGi Operator, they’ll advise you to *128#, then choose 4 for Talktime Services, then 3 for Super LongLife. If you tell them no such selection, they’ll sound 'unbelieve' & insist you did the mistake. (the application of Super LongLife cannot be done thru operator to avoid fraud). --> may be DiGi Operators are using Postpaid, hence not familiar to their own Prepaid product. :P At first when few of my friends told me thats how the DiGi Operator react to them, I'm not believe until I make the call personally.

Beside “Prepaid I Like” (Super FnF, Super SMS, Super Talk & Super Long Life), for those who still using DiGi Beyond, PowerPack & FuYoh!, you need to change your current plan to “DiGi Prepaid RM1” before apply for Super LongLife (RM30), and the CHANGE OF PLAN WILL BE CHARGED AT RM3 (a trap for DiGi to dig more buck from user’s wallet??)

To change plan, you need to keep your number validity in ‘active’. Then *128#, choose 7 for “Change Features”, then 2 for “Call Plan”, choose 1 DiGi Prepaid RM1.

Once you succesfully change your plan.
*128#, then choose 4 for Talktime Services, then 3 for Super LongLife.

a. for “Prepaid I Like”, the change of Plan is FOC, but only allowed to change once a month.

b. for “Prepaid I Like”, FnF numbers will be removed once the changed of plan is successful. Now, from “Prepaid I Like” (Super FnF, Super SMS & Super Talk) changed to “DiGi Prepaid RM1", all your FnF will be retained (the change of plan cannot be reversed; "Prepaid I Like" no more open for new subscription). The reason may be is to stop you from using 'Change Call Plan' to renew your FnF numbers. :P (* for DiGi FnF number, DiGi give 11+3 times FOC for you to name your FnF list, exceeded that, every changes will be charged for RM2).

全部旧的配套(PowerPack, Fuyoh, Prepaid I Like - SuperFnF, SuperTalk, SuperSMS) 必须更换成新的 DiGi Prepaid (RM1) 才可以购买 SuperLongLife。
不过更换配套会被索费 RM3。
还有,当转换到DiGi prepaid后就不能再回去旧的配套。。 所以转换前要三思哦

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