Friday, August 28, 2009

MNP to DiGi Prepaid

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is switching to other network, but keep your current number. MNP applied to all Telcos since October 2008.
MNP in between Telcos is FREE, for Prepaid you have to finish your credit before port over, otherwise the credit will be forfeited. For postpaid, you need to settled your bill before port over.
You can port from Prepaid to Prepaid, Prepaid to Postpaid, Postpaid to Postpaid, or Postpaid to Prepaid.
MNP to DiGi Prepaid is among the best deal comparing to Maxis Hotlink & Celcom Xpax.


1. the MNP transfer period average will only take less than 2hours at no cost (which Maxis & Celcom request 24hrs to 3days).

2. DiGi will credit you RM1.01 (dun ask me why RM0.01; but at least sound better than Maxis & Celcom give you RM0.00). :P

3. DiGi will give you ONE YEAR VALIDITY upon MNP to their network (for Maxis & Celcom, you need to reload to get the validity according to their reload validity chart, for One Year Validity you need to buy it at RM33-35).

4. DiGi even provides Online MNP Registration, the replacement SIM card will post to your doorstep without any charges.

a. you cannot port from DiGi to Happy, or vice versa because they are using same network. If you wish to port over, then you have to port to other network before port to Happy/DiGi.
b. you can change from DiGi Prepaid to Postpaid, but cannot changed from DiGi Postpaid to Prepaid, if you insist, you can MNP port to Hotlink or Xpax, then again MNP port from Hotlink/Xpax back to DiGi Prepaid. :D


  1. A few months back, I switched from Maxis postpaid to Digi prepaid, retaining my 012 number. It took the shop nearly 1 week to get it done. What is much more serious is that more and more people are telling me they can't access me via their mobiles. I can however dial out to reach them. This is real bad. Complained to Digi, but no solution in sight. Advice, anyone?

  2. get a new sim and start over a new life... that is what i did...

  3. But I want to retain my 012 number!